Fabrication Features: Dirty Wash & Snow Wash

Meet Mel

Associate Buyer for Casual Knits and Fundamentals


Mel is an East Coaster living on the West coast and the Associate Buyer for Casual Knits and Fundamentals at Bootlegger. She buys all those Tees & Tanks you love! Mel started her Bootlegger career as a Sales Associate  in stores, where she discovered her passion for product and merchandising design. She made the move to Bootlegger Home Office to pursue her love of product development and buying.

“The key to interesting knits is all in the details; fabrics, washes, trims, texture” – Mel M.

For our Back To School Collection, arriving  the end of July, Mel is excited to offer two new washes on some of your favourite Tees and Tanks.

Our swing tank, called Kyla, is treated with a  “Dirty Wash” and our relaxed tee, called Calum, will come in a “Snow Wash”. The most interesting element to the “dirty wash” and the “snow wash” is that every top comes out unique due to the process or treatment it receives.

What is a Dirty Wash & Snow Wash?




This garment starts out semi-bleached and then  is soaked in clean water until it’s saturated. Then the dye is added to the bath where the garment will sit for only about 15 mins. It is then removed, washed, and dried.

The ironic part about “dirty wash” is that this process actually includes a bath.


Because of the short amount of time in the dye, the shirts have areas of more or less color saturation. The result being a sort of millennial twist on tie dye.

(This is especially evident where the fabric is folded/doubled; like around the seams)




The garment is sewn with pre-dyed fabric, and then is thrown into a washing machine with rubber balls and a cold water solution. The rubber ball pummels the garment which actually removes areas of  the dye.


This gives you a vintage/worn in look that is unique on every individual shirt. Also leaves the top extremely soft!

Do you like the Tee Mel is wearing?

The tee is called  Terry.  It’s the ultimate ribbed tee complete with high side slits, rolled cuff and extra long length. Mel paired this tunic length tee with a well-loved,  light-wash Guess Jean that she says she’s had in her closet forever.


“I’ve actually lost count of how many t-shirts live in my closet…” Mel M.


TIP!– make your treated tee’s last longer by washing in cold water, inside out, with similar colors then lay flat to dry


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