Manager’s Closet: Meet Felicity

We are excited to launch our newest blog series ‘Manager’s Closet’ – who to better to discuss latest styles than our very own Bootlegger store managers? After all, they are our best in styling for different body types and styles everyday in our stores!

Meet Felicity! She shares a peek of what’s in her closet.

Manager at Quinte Mall, Belleville ON.

“My name is Felicity and I have been with the company for approximately 12 years. I love road trips, mini adventures and anything based around food.  My family and friends are definitely my first loves above all things…cheers to them!

Most women are addicted to shoes, I’m addicted to jeans, its borderline intervention time…

So with that being said, I’m sure you’re wondering what my current favourites are!



I LOVE distressed denim for all times of the year; when you want a little bit of sass with class.

The Suki fit is known for having a slightly higher rise and relaxed fit through the hips and thighs.

DSC_0465I’ve paired these Silver Jeans back to a long sleeve, burgundy top called Roxy. It’s super soft and can be worn with leggings too!

Memy Mid Rise | GUESS


Lets take a moment for these jeans…wow.

These magical ‘stretch-to-your body’ jeans are amazing for both slim or curvy bodies. (Trust me; I’ve seen all shapes and sizes in these jeans and they all look like the jeans were made for them)

I’ve topped off these jeans with a relaxed plaid called Baker.


Nothing screams “Canadian in the house” more than a plaid shirt!

I love tying up my plaid at the bottom. That way you can show off more of your jeans!



Softest pair of jeans you can put on your body! These high rise skinnies can be worn with crop tops (even for us longer bodied ladies).  They are cut with a little more room in the thigh making them relaxed and comfortable which is great!


I’ve coupled my high rise silvers with a mock neck, crop top called Preston. I love playing around with the length of tops and rises on jeans!”



Photos by Dylan Fleming; BF Studios

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